“It’s all about flattening”

Last December we started laying and leveling a number of floors within the construction of the existing WTC. In January, a start will also be made on the new floors parallel to the Beethovenstraat. This floor must be flattened after every concrete floor has been poured. this means that while drying, a rotating machine is driven over the new floors so that they become nicely flat. Flattening a floor cannot be interrupted, so they may continue in the evening and at night. Flattening will be performed a number of times a week. The municipality has granted us an exemption for this. The inconvenience of this machine is limited.


If you have any questions, you can reach us via WTC Servicepoint on 020-5752000 (regular).
For emergencies we are available 24/7 via the emergency room WTC 020-5753333 (emergency).