“Demolish first, then you can build”

In recent weeks there have been a number of times when there was noise disturbance. These moments will certainly come more often. Where does the noise come from? How is this caused? Herman Nieuwhoff, executive contractor for Ballast Nedam for Tower ten, answers these questions.

Demolition before construction

Main constructor Herman is therefore currently very busy with the supervision of this demolition.
“In the past week we have mainly worked on making a large opening in the ground floor. This is where the building core will be realized, which will also include the lifts. This caused noise nuisance, because the ground floors there were very thick, the entire floor had to be chopped away.”

Steel pipe construction

An opening will also be made this week in the underlying floor of the parking garage. A long slot has been made in which a steel pipe construction is placed. The slot can be made wider after placing this pipe.

This broadening is done by means of a demolition robot with nibble scissors. This robot cuts the floor into small pieces, thus keeping the noise limited. However, after cutting away this floor, six columns must be removed. For this it is necessary to chop +/- 15 minutes per column.


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