Western Europe’s
 Best Location

Tower Ten is part of WTC Amsterdam, the heart of Holland’s thriving business district.

With Schiphol nearby, Europe will start to feel like part of the neighborhood. The most important consideration when choosing a new office for any company, is its location. Luckily, Tower Ten has the best location of any modern business districts. From Tower Ten it’s just 10 minutes to the center of Amsterdam, Schiphol is a mere 7 minutes by train or by car and the ‘Zuidas’ is located right next to the A10 and Holland’s most important highways.

Fast public transport connections

Amsterdam RAI
2 minutes
Schiphol airport
6 minutes
Amsterdam Centraal
10 minutes
Utrecht Centraal
23 minutes
Rotterdam Centraal
39 minutes
The Hague Centraal
43 minutes

Amsterdam is a healthy, sustainable and attractive city with an innovative environment and a solid foundation for the digital future, pursuing its growth potential in order to compete globally…

Source: pwc ‘Amsterdam A City of Opportunity’

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