HB Hairstylers

The HB Hairstylers team has been cutting and styling hair in World Trade Center Amsterdam for over 23 years, welcoming ladies and gentlemen from both inside the complex and further afield. The team prides itself on its hospitality and expertise, so you can return to your desk or head off home revitalised after a relaxing visit. Berge and Christina are top talents with over 40 years of experience in all aspects of hair care; from colouring and highlights to problems and products. Feel free to phone or drop by the salon for an appointment..


Hairscience Institute

Based in a calm clinic in Tower D, the Hair Science Institute offers a revolutionary treatment for hair loss. The institute’s unique treatment, which leaves no scarring and has no long recovery period, involves transplanting hairs one by one, removing just a small portion of the root. This means the original hair grows back, as does the transplanted one – in effect, the technique involves hair multiplication. Known as HST, or HaarStamcel Transplantatie, the technique is suitable for men and women, for young and old. It can also be applied to cover scars and to provide facial hair after gender realignment surgery. The clinic’s customers range from pop stars and business leaders to children who have been badly burned. ‘Everyone has different expectations of what this technique can achieve and we believe in giving our clients realistic advice,’ says the centre’s doctor Freek Broekhuijse. The institute has three clinics, the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, in Maastricht and in London. A transplant session in one of the surgeries takes a complete day and includes a luxury lunch. Phone for an appointment with one of the specialists or drop by in person for a chat.