Get in shape and stay that way, in twenty minutes per week without sweating and changing outfits. It’s the ideal workout for WTC employees and visitors who see their fitness aspirations undermined by their busy schedules. But it’s possible: for little over a year now, fit20 in the WTC Amsterdam has successfully offered individual programs for employees and residents of the Zuidas. Dressed in your regular daily clothes you conduct a short but intensive workout under the guidance of your personal trainer. The exercises are intense but are performed in a controlled motion in a 17 degrees studio. Therefore sweating is eliminated and showering and changing clothes isn’t necessary. In less than half an hour you’ll be ready for your next business meeting. David Lenahan: “We value quality rather than quantity. Traditional fitness programs take up to much time, disturb the workflow and rely on self discipline resulting in irregular training frequencies. Despite its intensity fit20 is accessible to people from all fitness levels. Anyone can benefit from fit20!